If you’re looking for a TRULY UNIQUE holiday greeting card, you’ve come to right place.

(If you’re looking for anything else, you might be unpleasantly surprised.)

“Regiftmas” Christmas Card

This card is clearly about the over-commercialization of Christmas. Or maybe it's about cynicism towards religion? The truly optimistic might see it as a parable of selflessness. But no matter your beliefs, this card can offend literally anyone on your Christmas list.
inside: □Merry Christmas □Happy Holidays

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“Elven Allegations” Christmas Card

Inspired by the #meToo movement, the elves are finally speaking up. Just say no to mistletoe. A red nose is not consent. And for the last time Santa, no one wants to see your north pole.
inside: “Wishing you a consensual Christmas and an allegation-free New Year!”

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“Build That Wall...” A Trumped Up Christmas Card

Some say that reindeer helped make the North Pole what it is today. Others believe that reindeer are job-stealing terrorists. Whichever side of the wall you find yourself on, this card is the perfect Christmas Greeting for divisive times.
inside: “Merry Christmas and may cooler heads prevail in the New Year!”

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“Just Not Ready?” Christmas Card

In Canada, 2015's federal election had most of us VOTING red, and the rest of us SEEING red... but whichever side you were on, you and your card's recipient are sure to chuckle at this holiday version of everyone's favourite campaign ad! 
inside: “Ready or not... Santa Claus is coming to town!”

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“Mistletoke” Christmas Card

“Dude... where's my sleigh?” Rudolph is flying high in this new Christmas Card - the perfect card for the stoner in your life.
inside: “Wishing you a nice and relaxing holiday season.”

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“Merry Mayor” Christmas Card

“That is a candy cane, not a crack pipe!” Love him or hate him, Toronto’s mischievous mayor playing Santa is guaranteed to put a smile on your face this Christmas.
inside: “Wishing you and yours a stress-free holiday season.”

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“Dos Huevos” Christmas Card

He teaches reindeer to fly and elves to be short. He boasts a magic sack but IS allowed to frequent shopping malls. He knows when you’ve been naughty or nice, but he also knows you've never been nice, but he still gives you presents. He is the most interesting man in the North Pole - and this is the only Christmas card for the most interesting man in your life.
inside: “Stay merry, my friends.”

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“Rudolph’s Revenge” Christmas Card

A chilling winter scene in which Santa has had enough with the Elven Occupiers and has finally decided to evict them from their North Pole Protesting in the traditional yuletide manner.

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“Noël Navigator” Christmas Card

If you’ve been unfairly passed over for anything this year, this card is for you.
inside: "Holiday Traditions: whether you embrace them or merely endure them... just try to enjoy them."

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“Re-Gift” Stickers

These handy stickers make re-gifting easier than ever: stick them on the crappy gifts you give or receive to indicate that this crappy gift is ideal for re-gifting! Remember to add one each time the re-gift changes hands, so you can keep track of how many times it has been re-gifted.

Goes great with our Regiftmas card!

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“DO NOT Re-Gift” Stickers

OR... are you tired of people lazily re-gifting your well thought out gifts -- or your lazy re-gifts, for that matter? These handy stickers make it easy to indicate "hey, this gift is for YOU, sucker -- don't try passing it off to some other sucker when you're feeling too cheap to shell out for a gift card!" on the gifts you give this season.

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“Fair Trade” Stickers

Put this sticker on any gift to officially certify it as 'fair trade' -- as in 'you give me a crappy gift, I give you a crappy gift... and we'll call that a Fair Trade!"

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“Merry Me” Christmas Card

Give this card to your sweet-heart this year, and I can guarantee they will look at you like they’ve never looked at you before.
inside: “Hope your holidays are full of wonderful surprises!”

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“Santa's Surrogate Surprise” Christmas Card

This year, Mrs. Claus has been “naughty” by treating Rudolph too “nice”... This one is wrong on so many levels.
inside: “Hope your holidays are full of wonderful surprises!”

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“Titanic Proportions” Christmas Card

When Santa decides only a hand-made gift will do for his favourite reindeer, things get a little too real.
inside: “Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a home-made gift.”

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“Jolly Old Saint Vick” Christmas Card

Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you get in the ring and fight?
inside: “Hope you manage to stay out of trouble this holiday season!”

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“You win some, you venison” Christmas Card

Even Santa has his limits...
inside: blank


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“Santa Gets Rogered” Christmas Card

Santa tried to get a simple reindeer repair, and ends up fed up with the up-sell...
inside: “Whether you freely embrace new traditions or cherish fond memories of the old... have a safe & happy holiday season!”

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“Back Scratch Fever” Christmas Card

Sometimes only genuine reindeer antler will do the trick...

Download this one for free and see for yourself what Santa has in store on the inside of this card.

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Secret Santa Gift Tags

We’ve all been there before... you’ve got a “Kris Kringle” gift exchange at the office, but your choice of card gives you away - now they know who bought them the crappy gift!

But NEVER AGAIN with our handy Secret Santa gift tags, guaranteed to tease and please.

(If it’s one of those games where you trade/steal gifts, we recommend the poetic quip: “To: Maybe YOU!” on the inside)

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