Who’s your daddy?

If you’re looking for that SPECIAL CARD to spice up an otherwise mundane occasion, you’ve come to right place.

(If you’re looking for anything else, you may be unpleasantly surprised.)

“Who’s your Daddy?” Father’s Day Card

For some, a father is a mentor, a provider, and a role model. For others, a father is just a sperm donor. If yours is closer to the latter, why not commemorate Father’s Day by reminding him of the lowly extent of his contribution?

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“Wow” Mother’s Day Card

Your mother has done so much for you... give her this card and you’ll be even.

For bonus points, offer to turn the card upside down for her.

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“Ball & Chain” Wedding Congrats for Him

If you love someone, set them free. Or, you can get married. If your best bud finds himself among the latter, this is the card for him.

inside: blank

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“Gimme 5!” Anniversary Card

Has it been 5 years already? If so, here’s the card that reminds your partner that those 5 years are gone forever and there’s no way to get them back.

inside: “...years of your life!”

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